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What is property management?

Renting your property can ensure security and reasonable income, but takes a lot of time and work. You can do it on your own or find a specialist dealing both with estate brokerage and management. This is a new property market sector where there are brokers and management specialists who may be called property caretakers. Professional management specialists have the experience and necessary knowledge that enable management processes to be optimized and costs reduced. They use agreements drawn up together with a lawyer on the basis of established procedures and standards. Management specialists can take prompt action to arrange essential maintenance work and collection of overdue payments. The stringent vetting of tenants undertaken by a property management agent reduces the risk of letting to difficult tenants. An agents experience and understanding of the local market can ensure rapid rent of your property as well as maximising your income.


Who do we aim our service at?

Our service is aimed at property owners who, due to their place of residence or lack of time cannot deal with all the complex issues involved in property rental:
- for those who plan to go abroad or outside the city
- for investors who own one or more premises for rent


Home Rent services in respect of flat oversight

Dealing with a property alone is a complex process which can cause owners many problems. The simplest solution is to entrust your flat to professionals who for approximately 10% of a monthly rent will take over all duties, from preparing your flat to be rented, through supervising the flat and handing income and reports over to the owners, to dealing successfully with lease termination including costs of utilities and security deposits. The following list described some of our responsibilities:

  • Preparing a flat for rent
  • Finding a tenant
  • Drawing up and signing a rental contract
  • Regular inspection of the rented flat
  • Technical support
  • Confirming rental payments and collecting overdue late payments if needed
  • Making payments, such as down payments, towards maintenance of a jointly owned property and utilities, property taxes, etc
  • Keeping a day-to-day contact with the head of facilities where the flat is located
  • Representing the owner on the basis of power of attorney in all dealings with the tenant, other entities and offices
  • Presenting monthly reports to the owner on current issues and any performed works

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